Daily Archives: April 28, 2012

The dogs and cats from North Cyprus have entered the EU

After being summarily rejected from Bulgaria, despite the stirling efforts of European and British bureaucrats, we decided to revert to plan B. So this morning we dashed onto Istanbul and, with the assistance of a charming veterinary surgeon called Haris, obtained new paperwork to enable us to enter the EU via Ipsala/Kipoi. The paperwork was flawless and we got through the border. So we are now preparing to spend the night on Greek soil.

Day five on our trip from North Cyprus

We really do have a collection of the very best dogs and cats on board. They've all settled in really well to the routine of the journey. Not one of them has given us any cause for concern, there are no signs of fretting or stress. Between stops they all sleep soundly, not a peep out of any of them. Then when we stop, the dogs are very patient as we work through the order in which we walk them. They lick our hands and wag their tails furiously. Sandy and Flossie, who were both quite nervous at the start of [...]

Our latest passengers are on board: Tito, Kyra and Terry

Gorgeous Jack Russell Tito joined us in Cubelles in Spain. Just a year and a half old, he's got a great personality. He's travelling with Animalcouriers to Essex. It was an early start for three-month-old Golden Retriever Kirya, who's travelling with us from Tarragona to Bristol. It took her just a little while to get settled in to travelling and now she's enjoying her great adventure. Terri also came on board at Tarragona. He's such a bouncy, energetic dog that we've had a hard time getting a photo of him. This charming and very individual character is on his way [...]

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