Officialdom strikes again, but we refuse to be daunted

At Tasucu we were asked to take out a bond, designed to ensure we would leave Turkey by one of its designated border posts. When we arrived at the Turkish border post of Edirne, the usual round of looking at paperwork began, and we started the process of cancelling the bond. But then there was a staff shift change. While the night shift came on duty, we walked the dogs and fed the dogs and cats during the hour and a half we had to wait. After much prevaricating we were told that the 'Director' whose job it was to [...]

Pepe, Holly, Gatwick and Xiba

Pepe, who we collected in Portugal, is proving to be a very comic character. He's got the hugest, cheekiest grin we've ever seen. Yorkshire Terrier Holly, who joined us earlier today, is very cute and cuddly. On her way from Madrid to the UK, she's travelling with a toy that's bigger than her! Cats Gatwick and Xiba came on board in Ponferrada in Spain and are heading for Bristol. Gatwick is a great big softy who's generally nervous of loud noises, but has so far been calm and relaxed. They've been staying with a friend and have been much missed [...]

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