Maria and Tim make sure they’ll be there to collect George and Minky

We heard from Maria and Tim, who've been following our progress from North Cyprus: "We have been reading your posts — it is lovely to be able to follow your journey and see pictures of all of the animals including George and Minky. Tomorrow morning we are flying back to England so that we are in plenty of time to pick them up. We are flying via Istanbul so we will be 'leap frogging' you somewhere over Bulgaria. Hope the rest of your journey goes well and look forward to seeing you in the UK." [...]

A rather delicious lunch, and a very friendly atmosphere

We stopped for a lunchbreak and a doggy leg stretch at a roadside service station. Lunch was a proper feast: beans, rice, lamb, aubergine, salty village cheese, homemade strawberry jam ('organic', the waiter told us proudly), bread, and water. All rounded out by traditional cups of chai. Everywhere we've been in Turkey we've had a lovely welcome. From the manager of the hotel last night (who was pleased to tell us he has a dog) to the stallholders and waiters we've met. One of today's waiters was especially keen to chat with us and practise his English. He told us [...]

Riley loves all the new smells and sounds

Riley told courier M how much he enjoys all the new sights, sounds and smells on his walk. A true gentleman, he jumps quietly back into his compartment after a walk, sitting patiently while his lead is taken off. Now that everyone's been walked and fed, we're heading for Edirne and then Bulgaria. We hope to be at the border late this afternoon. A bit nail-biting as it involves brand-new paperwork. Meanwhile, the weather is hot and humid — but we can still see snow on the hills.

Aston is the biggest, softest dog

Aston is first out for a walk, and sits patiently waiting for courier M to put her lead on. She's being very good about the journey, but doubtless would rather be at home. She's something of a big baby and we're sure she's missing mum and dad. So courier M makes sure he gives her lots of attention while they're out.

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