We arrived at the Turkish port of Tasucu last night — an unfamiliar port, the centre of town was full of new buildings and the smell of new paint.

As before, the Turkish customs officials found it hard to understand why ex-pats leaving North Cyprus would want to relocate dogs and cats. But we were dealt with efficiently and after two and a half hours of bureaucracy, we left the port and reached our hotel.

While we were going through the admin we took the opportunity to walk all the dogs, around the port and along the beach. Once at the hotel, they were all tucked up for the night with a bedtime treat. And what a treat! Margaret’s special biscuits — that every dog positively scoffed. They had two each and didn’t even take the time to savour the flavour. Big thanks to Margaret for such a special treat.

Today, following morning walks on the beach, we’re heading towards Ankara. We already have an ongoing dialogue with the Bulgarian inspection post about paperwork, that looks likely to occupy us for the best part of the day.