At Pozanti there’s everything — from snow to citrus

At Pozanti, in the foothills of Turkey's high Taurus Mountains, there was still a lot of snow around, which made us think back to our February trip through these parts. Even at the roadside we could see small mounds of unmelted snow, as we headed inland for Ankara We also came across stalls selling amazing fresh citrus fruit. And in among the oranges and lemons there were vanilla pods and walnuts, too.

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Meanwhile in Turkey, it’s strawberry season

The area to the east of Tasucu in Turkey has lots of strawberry fields, and the crop appears to be at its best right now. The fields are full of pickers in brightly coloured local dress, and the roads are full of trucks packed with boxes of freshly picked, juicy strawberries. A strawberry-scrumpers' paradise indeed — but we were very good and bought ours from one of the many roadside stalls. The only problem was that the Turks don't see to have an equivalent to clotted cream!

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From Cyprus to Tasucu and on to Ankara

We arrived at the Turkish port of Tasucu last night — an unfamiliar port, the centre of town was full of new buildings and the smell of new paint. As before, the Turkish customs officials found it hard to understand why ex-pats leaving North Cyprus would want to relocate dogs and cats. But we were dealt with efficiently and after two and a half hours of bureaucracy, we left the port and reached our hotel. While we were going through the admin we took the opportunity to walk all the dogs, around the port and along the beach. Once at [...]

Suzy, Lucky and Ceefa from Portugal

Suzy the dog is travelling with her feline friends Lucky and Ceefa from Portugal to the UK. All three were strays who've really landed on their paws with their family. Suzy is a Labrador-Collie cross who as abandoned as a puppy at the gates of her home in Pera. The family took her straight in and she has spent some wonderful times on their 18-acre smallholding. She's a lovely friendly dog with a very waggy tail. Lucky was found as a six-week-old kitten curled up in the horse's stable, and was given her name as she was fortunate to survive. [...]

Vasco and Mariana are swapping Portugal for Cyprus

Animalcouriers collected brother and sister cats Vasco and Mariana near Lisbon in Portugal. They've been staying at the delightful Monte des Vendavais kennels and cattery that has lovely facilities and lots of orange trees. Vasco is a lovely big masculine cat, but had a nasty confrontation earlier in his life with a seagull that has left him with some confidence issues — he's never really recovered from the trauma. But he remains proud and handsome and we'll give him lots of reassurance during the journey. His sister Mariana is beautiful and gentle and has all the confidence in the world! So she'll be a [...]

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