Gathering together at the port

Margaret and Yulian from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) and various owners turned up at the port this morning with their precious charges. It was a beautiful sunny morning and everyone was in high spirits as we sorted out paperwork and got all the dogs and cats safely on board. As usual, there was much shouting and clanking going on around the port, noisy generators working the engines, and big lorries shuddering up gangways. Our passengers sat patiently watching it all unfold, wondering what was going to happen next. [...]

Balancing Gem, Peg and Taffy’s departure with an important birthday

The combination of factors like the weather, the possibility of strikes, and various bank holidays meant it took a while for Animalcouriers to firm up their departure date from North Cyprus. This made it particularly tricky for Marion and Ken — whose cats Gem and Peg, and dog Taffy, are travelling with us — to organise their flight. They wanted to be able to wave their pets off at the port, and also get to the UK in time for their daughter's birthday. Marion and Ken ended up having to change their flight, which is now tightly sandwiched between our [...]

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