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In and around the port of Girne

It's a public holiday here in North Cyprus and we have a rare day off. So we took the chance to visit the picturesque port at Girne which is overlooked by a magnificent Venetian fortress. Now a tourist attraction, it was still in use until quite recently. It was also used as a police training school when the British ruled here. Among the diners and the cats at Girne there was also a seller of the local ice cream made from mastic — the same base that's used for Turkish Delight. We weren't too taken with the ice cream but [...]

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Lady is the littlest dog on our trip

Andrea and Allan found little Lady while on holiday in North Cyprus last autumn. They're getting very excited about being reunited with her — "I think it has been the longest seven months of our lives," says Andrea. She went on to describe how she and Allan found Lady:  "We found Lady at Kucuk Erenkoy dumped at a restaurant, starving and very thirsty. This little head popped out of a hole in the wall and our hearts just melted. It was particularly poignant as we had just lost our Westie of 15 years, Binkey, and Lady reminded us a little of [...]

Abandoned Sandy has a whole new family to take care of her

Jayne and her husband found Sandy when they were on holiday in North Cyprus last October. "She'd been abandoned near Alagadi Beach with no food or water and only a cardboard box for a bed," says Jayne. "Luckily she moved a litte as we walked past or we'd never have seen her hidden in the scrub." Jayne told us what happened next. "Despite her being a very young puppy that had been effectively thrown away like rubbish, she soon got her playful and very sweet nature back after some food, water and TLC back at our villa. She stayed the night with us enjoying [...]

Annie will be one of two new arrivals for Lisa and Simon

Cyprus Terrier Annie is travelling to the UK with us to join her new family, Lisa and Simon. Lisa's mum and dad, Jackie and John, chose Annie for them while they were on holiday in North Cyprus last October. "Lisa has always had a penchant for Cyprus Terriers, and we felt the impending changes in UK regulations meant it was viable to offer one of KAR's strays the chance of a better life in the UK," says Jackie. She told us: "When Orphan Annie was brought into KAR in August with her five pups she was in a debilitated state, [...]

From Cyprus to the UK: George and Minky

These two cats are among the pets who're travelling with Animalcouriers from North Cyprus to the UK. We plan to leave from Girne on Tuesday. George and Minky's owner, Maria, told us how she found both cats: "I found George on a building site as a 6 or 7 week old kitten. He was crying and had a terrible stomach upset. As it was August, the height of summer, he would almost certainly have died from dehydration had I not found him. He has had his fair share of vet visits since then and was seriously ill last year after being [...]

Angel and Binks are reunited with their families

Yesterday evening Animalcouriers delivered Binks, much to the joy of his family waiting in Barcelona. Binks was totally chilled out during the whole journey, but knew exactly when we had reached Barcelona, meowing loudly as we came closer and closer. We also delivered Angel to her new Spanish home. She was delighted to be reunited with her family. After many hugs and kisses we departed, leaving a very happy little dog.  

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