Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

Back at the cat-friendly Pia Bella hotel

As we discovered on our last trip to North Cyprus, the Pia Bella hotel is quite a hub for stray cats. But when courier J checked in yesterday, there wasn't a cat to be seen — they were doubtless keeping a low profile because it was such a windy day. This morning, however, the sun came out — and so did the cats.

Animalcouriers are off to North Cyprus again

We're due to collect 16 pets — 12 dogs and four cats — from Girne for their journey to the UK. We've got as far as Turkey on the journey down, and all is on track for arrival in Girne tomorrow. The only problem so far has been the weather in Turkey. Very strong, gusting winds have made the drive quite difficult, not just buffeting the van, but stirring up quite a dust storm. Much of Turkey has been covered in a dense dust cloud. There's vegetation and litter strewn across the roads, and we've seen an overturned truck and [...]

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