Oliver is enjoying his new home in Bermuda

Animalcouriers arranged for Havanese pup Oliver to fly to his new home in Bermuda with Lynne and Paul. A delighted Lynne wrote to tell us how well he's settling in: "Oliver is now safe and at home! He was absolutely alert during the car ride. He was the star of the night and my father especially fell in love with him. He was playing tug of war and romping around with my brother Mark all over the kitchen floor. All of the other kids in the family are excited to see him. "He sniffed out the main floor of the [...]

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The solution to our quiz

The photo shows the underside of the dome of the Mosque of Sultan Ibrahim Han, in the fortress at Rethymnon on the island of Crete. It's one of many fortresses that were built by the Venetians and which fell to the Turks. The mosque dates to around 1646 and has recently been restored. Its hemispherical dome is one of the largest in Greece. Courier M took the photo lying on his back — which also is a very good way of cooling down on a hot day. The acoustics were terrific which is probably why the mosque is now used for music recitals. As [...]

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A difficult decision, but the right one

Very sadly one of our passengers had to be put to sleep today. She was an elderly cat called Bonny, one of a family of seven cats travelling with us. We realised during the journey that Bonny was becoming poorly, so we stopped at the vet to have her examined. The vet explained that Bonny had advanced renal failure and that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep. In consultation with her owners — who were naturally very upset, but understood it was the best thing for Bonny — we followed the vet's advice. Bonny slipped [...]

Gracie is having a ball with her new family

Sam and Phil wrote to let us know how Gracie the lovely Staffie pup is settling in with them in Spain: "Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for bringing Gracie down to us in Spain and for taking such good care of her. She arrived a happy little pup and certainly wasnt fazed by her trip down.....she is now a very well travelled little pup! Your couriers did a fantastic job...thank you so much. "Sorry for the delay in sending this but we are enjoying having Gracie so much I dont know where the time has gone! She has settled [...]

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The tyranny of a dog’s turds

However often you pick up your beloved pet's faeces, the hideousness of the task does not diminish, says Robert Hanks in this article on the Guardian website. Couriers J and M were creased up with laughter as they read it through, especially by the reference to "grubbing around in darkness, groping for a stray turd by the light of my mobile phone." You may remember that on the last Animalcouriers trip with 15 dogs from North Cyprus, we were getting through 40 poo bags a day! One of the commenters on the article included a reminder about the [...]

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Progress report from the Greek-UK trip

When we docked in Ancona this morning the animals on board were very pleased to see us. There was much miaowing, barking and squeaking as we returned to the van. We set off for Zurich and from there to Innsbruck. Courier J has an Austrian/Polish background and is enjoying being reminded of holidays in the Tyrol, listening to Mozart and eating Apfel Strudel (although they don't seem to taste quite the same as they used to!). Courier M decided to try the Sacher Torte following an energetic dog walk. We expect to reach Calais tomorrow. Ancona Frozen [...]

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