We are in the EU and on our way!

After spending two hours in the Turkish customs house, talking and drinking tea, we drove to the border with Greece. We spent an hour in the Greek customs house, speaking with a vet and a customs official. The vet presented us with two invoices totalling 100 euros, which we paid. The customs official asked us to pay 20% of the nominal value of each dog, which he estimated at 50 euros. So we handed over 150 euros and we were on our way! We head for Thessaloniki tonight.

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At the customs house

The idea of 15 dogs was met with a certain degree of astonishment. While our van was inspected, and the dogs counted and checked off the list, we were included in the hourly chai round. In a country where there is 'no problem' and everything is 'ok', we left the van on the forecourt and sat in the customs house getting the paperwork done.

Who says sheep are silly?

While walking the dogs in the garden of our hotel in Edremit this morning, I looked up and saw a flock of over 200 sheep filing past on the pavement in front of our hotel. Sensible sheep, sticking to the pavement, as the road is the main, partly dual carriageway, A87. There was just one shepherd with them, shouting and flapping his arms at any sheep who dared step into the road. Reminded me of walking a crocodile of children to the swimming pool in my teaching days!

Our hotel in Edremit

Last night we stayed in Edremit on the north Aegean coast of Turkey. An important consideration for us is to find hotels with secure car parks and somewhere preferably grassy for dogs to stretch their legs. The Adramis hotel ticked all the boxes for us last night. An hour earlier than planned, we were safely parked, checked in, and walking the dogs.  

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