Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

Part of port life

We found ourselves becoming part of life at Cesme port. Animalcouriers got included in jokes, local politics and catering. Home-made pastries and chai are a non-stop part of daily life for the various departments here. In addition to the customs, police and security, Riza has his shipping office at the port. And we've met the port's sniffer dog. After getting to know everyone, drinking chai and enjoying the snacks on offer, we were eventually able to pay our port tax. Riza waved goodbye, heaving a sigh of relief no doubt, and we climbed into our van. Only to find the [...]

Riza and Meltun, our heroes

Riza and Meltun are a formidable husband-and-wife team whose motto seems to be: "No problem!" For three years they've been leading Animalcouriers by the hand through the labyrinth of Turkish and Greek customs regulations. They pat us on the head reassuringly and tell us, "You just wait here," while they run back and forth between various offices with our stack of paperwork. They're kind and smart, they smile and laugh at our jokes, and are suitably deferential to the bureaucrats working in Turkey's port offices. We cannot praise them highly enough or thank them sufficiently for their determination to get [...]

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