Lorna wrote to tell us what happened when she and Peter came across Topaz while they were on holiday:

“We were approaching our holiday apartment when the car headlights picked up a scruffy little dog. When we stopped she shyly came over to say hello. It was 12.30 am and we just wanted to go to bed after a long day. So I put out some water in a dish and went to bed.

“The next morning there was no sign of the dog but a neighbour said she’d turned up a few days before we did and he thought she’d been dumped. Peter then spotted her strolling around and I took her something to eat. Within a couple of days she started looking for us. I couldn’t let her in as she was covered in fleas and ticks. So we went to the pet shop and bought her a flea collar, and I told Margaret at KAR of my find.

“The next stop was Firdez the vet who was very concerned about her skin and suspected leishmaniosis. She sent a blood sample off for testing and give us a worming treatment for her. We waited four days for the results, then it was a phone call to Margaret and all systems to go to bring Topaz to the UK. Before we left we took her back to Firdez for treatment for her skin. Firdez explained that she’d had many litters but hadn’t been well looked after, so her general health was poor. When I gave her to Margaret she was pregnant again.”

“I didn’t recognise Topaz on your blog as Margaret has taken such good care of her. She now looks like a proper Cyprus terrier with a beautiful coat. When I last saw her she looked like a poor wee street dog. Now she looks a happy wee dog and her life will be very different.”