On board the ferry from Çeşme to Chios

Cesme is the port from which we leave Turkey and head towards the Greek island of Chios. We engaged an agent to handle our customs clearance at the port, which makes everything go so much more smoothly. Even so, there were still plenty of exclamations: how many dogs? In the end, the vet was called. Our agent did a great job, showing the customs officials over the van, and the vet was happy too. So we said goodbye to Turkey and boarded the little tourist ferry, where our van was firmly fixed down. And then we were off. Chios here [...]

Transporting rescue animals from abroad: our position

We've heard there are some comments flying around the blogosphere wondering about the sense of bringing rescue animals into the UK from abroad. Animalcouriers' directors come from an animal welfare background and we have a very clear position on this. We firmly believe that all the dogs and cats we transport for welfare organisations should have a pre-arranged, kind and loving home to go to. Naturally, the groups we work with are all reputable. Even so, before we start discussing transport arrangements, we take the time to check that: the dogs or cats are fit to travel the animal has [...]

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When Lorna met Topaz

Lorna wrote to tell us what happened when she and Peter came across Topaz while they were on holiday: "We were approaching our holiday apartment when the car headlights picked up a scruffy little dog. When we stopped she shyly came over to say hello. It was 12.30 am and we just wanted to go to bed after a long day. So I put out some water in a dish and went to bed. "The next morning there was no sign of the dog but a neighbour said she'd turned up a few days before we did and he thought [...]

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