Smokey, an elderly cat, was due to travel with Animalcouriers from Geneva later this month. Very sadly, Smokey fell ill, and his owner Val made the difficult decision to have him put to sleep. Given the circumstances we offered Val her deposit back. She refused it, asking us instead to donate it to another cat somewhere.

You may remember when we were staying at the Pia Bella hotel, we made friends with a charming young ginger tom. We’d been talking about how good it would be if he could be neutered before he grew up.

So we told Val about him, and asked her whether we could use the money for KAR to have him neutered and given a health check:

“He follows the guests around and has learned to open the automatic doors by walking up and down until the electronic eye picks him up. Then he either sits by the lift or walks up the stairs until a guest talks to him. He got into the room where courier M was staying, who did his bidding, stroking him and scratching his ears. Clever cat snuggled onto M’s bed and didn’t stop purring.”

Val wrote back by return:

“What a wonderful idea, I am so pleased. Ginger cat sounds like a real character, and bright as a button, too.”

So we wrote to Margaret at KAR who said:

“What a nice thought. I will let our cat-catching team know and they can go and round him up on next week’s neutering list.”

Said courier M:

“They won’t find it very hard to catch him. They just need to stand there and he’ll probably introduce himself!”

Ginger's life expectancy is about to soar.