Margaret’s biscuits are everyone’s favourites

Despite our careful route planning earlier today, we still found ourselves driving into a blizzard — one of those situations where you know it's only going to get worse. So after a quick conference, we decided to turn back and take the long and winding road around the coast instead. The sun has been out and it's been very pleasant. At lunchtime everyone got a walk and one of Margaret's biscuits as a special treat. Yummy! Some of them know the sound of the wrapper and there was great excitement as their tails thumped the walls and floors. The dogs [...]

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Avoiding the worst of the weather on our route towards the UK

The weather continues to be a concern as it's very cold in many locations. This morning we heard there was fresh snow falling only one hour north of us, and we could see lorries and coaches with thick snow on them coming down the hill. Snow ploughs were waiting in the wings, too. So we're aiming to keep well to the west of Turkey to avoid the freezing temperatures and icy roads further inland, to keep us and the dogs comfortable and avoid dangerous driving conditions. Our current plan is to cross to Barcelona via Rome. Although it's a longish [...]

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Safe arrival at Taşucu

Our boat from North Cyprus reached Tasucu in Turkey yesterday evening. We then spent three hours getting through customs. It was very important to ensure we had transit papers for the dogs to cross Turkey. We finally made it to our hotel at around 11pm. We walked and fed the dogs, who were all brilliant and waited very patiently for their suppers. Around half past midnight we staggered into the next door restaurant to get some sustenance for ourselves — only to find a Valentine's day dinner in full swing! The place was filled with couples holding hands and clutching [...]

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More views of Animalcouriers at the port yesterday

The kind people of KAR took lots of photos while all the dogs were being settled into our van yesterday, ready to leave North Cyprus. You can see just how many people were involved in getting the dogs to us and helping us organise everything. A real team effort! [fusion_slideshow]

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