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The cats at the Pia Bella

We're staying at the Pia Bella Hotel, around which a number of cats seem to live. Kim from KAR tells us they're quite familiar with "the Pia Bella cats", having rounded them all up for neutering and ear-tipping in the past. The cats are very much part of daily life at the hotel. The tourists all talk to them, and one ginger chap even visited us for a chat in our room — purring for North Cyprus!

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Street dog or owned dog? It can be hard to tell…

A problem that KAR has to allow for is that some dog owners in North Cyprus leave their dogs out on the street during the day while they go off to work. The risk is that KAR might scoop up an owned dog and take it off for neutering and tagging! But if an owned dog is wearing a collar, KAR can distinguish it from an unowned dog and avoid any potential mistakes. Street dogs and owned dogs are often to be found lying side by side in the sun.

Moira is changing her name to Poppy

Moira was originally going to live with a family in Germany, but now she will be living with Dilys and Ian in the UK instead. Moira will be renamed Poppy once she gets there, not that she'll mind — she'll just be thrilled to be with her new family. Dilys and Ian haven't met Moira yet, and we suspect they're at least as excited about it all as she is.

Topaz is off to live with Lorna and Olive

Topaz is Lorna's second rescue dog from KAR. She already has a Cyprus terrier called Olive, who'll be big sister to Topaz. Apparently, Topaz had several litters before KAR caught up with her. Margaret of KAR describes her variously as "a little tyke" and "a lady of indeterminate morals!"

All this and Chester too…

Lisa found Chester while she was on holiday. It was a very special holiday, and Lisa couldn't bear to go home leaving Chester behind. With KAR's help, Chester will shortly be on his way. He's scheduled to arrive on the same day that Lisa's twins are due to be born! So it will be an instant family including a dog, all in one day.

A possible delay to our departure?

Although the weather is beautiful with a stunning blue sky, gale force winds (force 8) prevented courier D from crossing to North Cyprus last night. Courier J has been to the port to get news and it's hopeful that courier D will arrive on tonight's crossing. Tomorrow we will have a two-hour window in which to check our van into North Cyprus, do all the paperwork, including the export and customs papers for the dogs, and be on the boat for its midday departure to Tasucu.

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