Stella travelled with us from Italy to the UK. With Stella napping by her side, Elena wrote to tell us how pleased she and her daughters are to have Stella home with them:

“Stella has arrived, I am overjoyed and so are my daughters. She seems to love her new home and we are so happy to be finally back together.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the fantastic Animalcouriers people who helped me out, everybody was so helpful and caring from day one. When I got in touch with you I immediately had the feeling that your company was the right choice. Within just 24 hours of my first email Stella’s place in your van was booked and the countdown started!

Courier S was absolutely fantastic, she stayed in touch with me all the way through the journey, and to be honest she started to reassure me even before the journey started, since I was really nervous — and anxious about travel sickness, about the horrible feeling of being abandoned that Stella could have had, and many other concerns. But courier S was always there to reply back to my emails almost immediately with sweet words, promising lots of cuddles for Stella.

Also, through the blog updates, I was able to follow the journey, to have beautiful pictures and to feel that S was getting to know Stella’s nature and that my doggie was very well looked after.

Despite the terrible and disruptive weather they encountered in the first part of their journey, they made it to the UK by the promised date. Animalcouriers were flexible and brave and managed to keep me pretty relaxed and my dog happy. Great achievement 🙂

Stella arrived in great shape and just a bit tired, but it’s clear that she was cared for and enjoyed the journey.”

Elena, Noemi and Emma with Stella