Morning walks in the snow and sun

Morning walks in the snow and sun

As they journey northwards through France, Animalcouriers and their charges are still encountering cold and snow, but sunshine too, which makes it so much more bearable.

We’re hoping to cross the channel late this afternoon.

Although quite timid, Jez is finding she can trust us and was very curious about having her photo taken

Missie has a laid-back attitude to travel, and an equally firm one when it comes to food!

The very loving Marvo playing in the snow — the Taylors have done fantastic job with all three of these ex-street dogs from Corfu

Fogg and Fergus were slightly taken by surprise by the cold, but after a sniff and a look round, they were back to their usual antics

Ninon enjoying the morning sunshine — her wonderful fluffy coat keeps her snug and warm

Scooby thinks pouncing on snowballs is the best game ever — crouching low then leaping about six feet in the air to catch them!

We love Hobo — he's gentle and kind but not yet clear about what playing is. Each day we've seen a massive improvement in terms of how much he wants to trust us

Baby is just a bundle of joy, despite having been let down by humans in the past. She wags her tail constantly and jumps into our arms for hugs and tickles

Deco, who came from a litter of 11, looks all dignified and grown up, but then he makes puppy eyes at us and we give him big cuddles

Stella is a loving and fun-loving dog who'd rather leap and play or lick you all over than stand still for a photo

The snowy park in Metz where we walked

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  1. Liz Spina February 4, 2012 at 11:58 am - Reply

    They all look like they are enjoying it. Safe journey back. I cant wait for you to go to the TRNC to get my baby x

  2. Cristina Barreto February 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    Nice to see them all well!

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