Young Deco joins the trip

Animalcouriers collected darling Deco as heavy snow fell in Turin. Just three and a half months old, this Afghan pup is heading for his home in the UK. As the baby of the trip he spent the night with courier R. Much to courier S's amusement, Deco chewed the front cover off R's book. Called 'Hidden Reality', the book examines current theories on parallel universes and quantum physics. S thinks Deco had his own theories…

Dogs in coats

Louisa, who is instrumental in rescuing and caring for street dogs in Corfu, has sent us a photo of some of her charges wearing a new design of fleece coat, provided by her organisation's supporters. We're sure the dogs are enjoying them during the cold spell Greece is suffering at the moment. Scooby, who is travelling to the UK with Animalcouriers, was one of the dogs her organisation looked after. He was fostered by Spiridoula until he could set off to join his adoptive family in the UK.

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Millie is safely home with Liz

Animalcouriers transported Millie the cat from Greece to the UK where she's rejoined Liz in their new home. Liz wrote to let us know how Millie is settling in: "Thank you so much for taking such good care of little Millie on her long journey home. She was very excited to explore her new home, and to get so much fuss and attention from Susan and me. She's in her element! Lots and lots of cuddling and purring going on!"

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