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Stephanie collects Freeway

Stephanie and her other dog Sadie came to collect Freeway. Stephanie told us how she came to adopt Freeway. She visiting a friend when Freeway was brought into her friend's office. He was nearly dead, starving and dehydrated. She couldn't bear it, so sponsored him to be cared for  by KAR and then had Animalcouriers bring him home.

Mojo is back with Liz and Guido

When Liz and Guido came to collect Mojo, he went completely potty as soon as he saw them. Liz and Guido spent seven years in North Cyprus, running a restaurant. They used to feed the street dogs and quickly found themselves running what could be described as a kind of local dogs' home. Liz says many unwanted puppies were dumped on them, that she managed to rehome. They're now looking forward to their other two dogs, Valentina and Bertie who are waiting in Cyprus, rejoining them later in the year.

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