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Carla the cat has a new home

We recently posted about Carla the cat, who was taken on by Conrad after her owner died. Unfortunately his existing cats weren't very welcoming to Carla, so he needed to find a new home for her. The great news is she's been adopted by Heidi, who's had rescue cats before. She's already settling in well and is looking forward to showing Heidi's Springer Spaniel just who's boss around the house. Well done Katz Castle for finding a home for Carla.

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Trisha’s Rupert

We were enjoying a coffee with George and Suzanne when Trisha arrived with Rupert. They had taken the overnight ferry from Poros. We all oohed and aahed over Rupert who is a real cutie. Trisha told us: "I vowed I wouldn't part with Rupert, and then I had to spend last night on the boat sharing my bed with him. This is SO difficult but I know Andy will look after him." It was rather like a cat rescue club, as everyone met for the first time and exchanged stories of how they had come by their cats. [...]

Potifer Oliver Moppe and Zachery Pared Pinkerton

George and Suzanne brought their two cats to us for their journey. Both are rescue cats. Potifer Oliver Moppe was found in their neighbour's garden in a flower pot, that was balanced on a mop. He had been poisoned. Zachery Pared Pinkerton was named as follows: Zachery because he was fed on sugar water as he was very sick; Pared because he was found on a wall, and 'pared' is Welsh for wall; Pinkerton because he was so pale and pink when he was found. George is a big softie and very proud of the two cats. "They're like our [...]

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