Madge from Nine Lives Greece

Madge from Nine Lives Greece

Madge is being adopted by Andy, who has already adopted a deaf cat from Nine Lives called Aslan.

Cordelia explained how Nine Lives found and rescued Madge:

“Madge, a very pretty tricolour appeared in the National Gardens in central Athens where we have been feeding and neutering a colony of cats for some years. Madge was friendly but confusted; and had clearly only recently given birth, but despite searching all around the gardens, her kittens were nowhere to be found.

Our feeder took Madge to the vet where she stayed for two weeks, which included being spayed. She became increasingly frustrated at being indoors and less interested in human company. As there was no immediate offer of a home for her, we decided the best option was to put her in the safest spot in the National Gardens— a fenced area where dogs can’t get in and kill cats.

However, other cats living there took against her and started chasing her. The morning our feeder found her outside the fenced area being snarled and snapped at by three dogs, we took Madge back to the vet and started a vigorous campaign to find her a foster home, at least.

Katharine took Madge in temporarily. After spending the first month under the sofa, Madge started gaining some trust in Katharine and her boyfriend Niko, and hanging out with their cat Blackie. But as she grew more confident, she started territorial peeing in the apartment despite the selection of litter trays, so Niko said it was time for her to leave.

So Madge went to stay with Angela who is a wonderful rehabilitator of nervous and traumatised cats. Madge flourished with her and within weeks was sleeping on Angela’s bed, following her around the apartment, and watching films with her in the evening. And she never failed to use the litter tray. But we knew it was only a foster arrangement, as Angela is leaving Greece and can’t have a cat in her home in England.

So you can imagine our joy when Andy got in touch with us about Aslan and mentioned he might be up for adopting a second cat. We told him Madge’s story, including the fact that she had, at one point, had a habit of peeing outside the litter tray. Andy made all the right sympathetic noises, told us about his secure garden where Madge could hang out if she preferred to be outside, explained that the house was large so she could have space to herself if she had issues with other cats, and told us he was booking a flight to come over and meet Madge and Aslan! And the rest, as they say, is history.”

Madge in chilled form onboard the trip

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