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Sandy delivers Daisy, Gnasher and Midget to us in Piraeus

It was quite an early morning arrival for Sandy, who brought Daisy, Gnasher and Midget to us at Piraeus port, gate 1. Sandy is part of Greek and Swiss Animal Help (GASAH) [www.gasah.ch], a Swiss animal charity based on Kos. She did a mercy dash on the overnight ferry to help us avoid a three-day delay to our trip. Several coffees and a nice chat later, Animalcouriers felt we'd made another new friend in Sandy.

Madge from Nine Lives Greece

Madge is being adopted by Andy, who has already adopted a deaf cat from Nine Lives called Aslan. Cordelia explained how Nine Lives found and rescued Madge: "Madge, a very pretty tricolour appeared in the National Gardens in central Athens where we have been feeding and neutering a colony of cats for some years. Madge was friendly but confusted; and had clearly only recently given birth, but despite searching all around the gardens, her kittens were nowhere to be found. Our feeder took Madge to the vet where she stayed for two weeks, which included being spayed. She became increasingly [...]

Keeping calm and carrying on

What a day we had yesterday. You really do have to keep a sense of humour and a 'no panic' attitude when travelling in some parts of Europe. A strike in Italy meant we arrived too late at Piraeus port to catch the ferry to Kos. The knock-on effect of that would probably have added three days to our trip! Fortunately, Sandy on Kos has been very flexible. She's been looking after Daisy, Midget and Gnasher, three dogs who are travelling back to the UK with us. To save time, she boarded the overnight ferry from Kos with the dogs [...]

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