Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Clear instructions for dog owners

While waiting to board our ferry for Patras in Greece, we took a wander around the Italian port of Ancona. We were pleased to see signage reminding dog owners of their responsibilities: Once on board the ferry, we noticed more signs in the same vein, with even more detailed visual instructions: And here's the view from the back of the boat, looking out over a calm sea:

Luxury surroundings in Perugia

Thanks to Bookings.com we find ourselves overnighting in some very fine hotels. Winter deals and good marketing enable travellers like us to have the pleasure of staying in beautiful buildings that we might otherwise not find out about. Last night we stayed in a 14th century manor house in Perugia, Italy, which is now a hotel called Lo Spedalicchio. We know that dressing well is very important to Italians in general, and our dining companions last night were no exception: the groups of men were all dressed smartly in dark jackets, tidy jeans and nice shirts. This morning at breakfast we realised [...]

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