Luke from Poland is settling in well

Luke from Poland is settling in well

You may remember Luke, who we collected for Margaret from his Polish breeder Artur. Luke is a Red Mackerel Tabby Siberian with a fantastic pedigree, born in September last year.

Margaret wanted to make sure Luke would travel by road, not air, as animals entering the UK by plane have to travel as cargo in the hold, rather than in the cabin. Animalcouriers’ January road trip to northern Europe fitted in perfectly with Margaret’s plans and the timing of Luke’s rabies vaccination.

Artur was charming and offered to take Luke as far as Berlin airport to make the pick-up easier. Although he’s only a couple of hours from there, things were complicated by the fact that he would be travelling by bus and needed to book his ticked a couple of days in advance. Then a further complication arose: Artur’s computer broke down, so he had to use an internet cafe to correspond with Margaret. To speed up communications, Margaret tried texting him (in Polish, with the help of the Polish assistant manager in her local pub) to let him know when Animalcouriers would reach Berlin.

But Artur was using a different mobile phone and didn’t receive the text. By the time he got the information from Margaret, it was too late for him to book his bus ticket. So Margaret offered to pay for him to take a taxi, so that he would reach Berlin by midday on the appointed day.

The final complication arose when Animalcouriers’ ferry from Sweden was delayed by an hour. Because Artur’s taxi had to do a fairly rapid turnaround back to Poland, Animalcouriers slightly altered their route so that they could get to the airport faster and make sure they could collect Luke in time. Margaret kept all her fingers and toes crossed, and was relieved to hear from us once we had Luke on board.

Margaret tells us it was all worth it and that Luke is wonderful. She also says:

“I have nothing but praise for everyone at Animalcouriers, their patience with my constant pestering, rearranging their route, and the care they took of Luke.”

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