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Pearl and Donna reach dry land

Pearl and Donna travelled with Animalcouriers from Lancaster to Shetland. They had a very long journey to this beautiful island, including being at sea for 17 hours because of gale force winds and snowstorms. But they took it all in their stride and seemed quite relaxed about all their adventures. Until their family arrives next week, Pearl and Donna are staying at Gott Cats cattery, where they have every comfort — from heated beds to a truly amazing view.

Sunny avoids a parrot scam with help from Animalcouriers

Sunny wrote to tell us that she recently avoided being scammed. She was in the market for a parrot and stumbled on a post offering a pair of blue and gold macaw parrots. Suspecting it was a scam, Sunny read through the posting very carefully. Because it made reference to Animalcouriers, she checked our website and found our page of tips to help avoid scams. She wrote to say: "I can't thank you enough for listing all the possible clues to completely verify this too-good-to-be-true offer. Here are the clues that applied to this person: I was offered the animal for [...]

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