A fantastic B&B in Gävle, Sweden

A fantastic B&B in Gävle, Sweden

Animalcouriers found a fantastic B&B in Gävle (www.gavlebukten.se) and we’ve stayed there twice on this trip. It’s been a very welcome haven for us.

Not just because Bea is a passionate, sometime professional, cook. (Even if she hadn’t told us, we’d’ve worked it out.) But also because they love animals and let us take the cat and four dogs travelling with us into their home.

The table was laden with home-made breads, jams, marmalades and muesli. The highlight for us was Bea’s fig jam that had a festive flavour that reminded us of mince pies. We could also sample cheeses, meats, eggs, juices — and the best porridge, made with oats, barley, seeds and raisins, and services with milk, honey and spicy sugar.

It was very hard indeed to tear ourselves away!

Bea, who has her own Maine Coon cat, giving Norwegian Forest Cat Rosanne a cuddle before we left

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