Darcy and Magic arrive in Malmö

Darcy and Magic arrive in Malmö

The new year brought new regulations for animals travelling not just into the UK, but also into Ireland and Sweden. All have now relaxed the requirement for a rabies blood test.

But when Animalcouriers arrived at the Danish-Swedish border with Labrador pups Darcy and Magic, confusion reigned. There was much head-scratching and teeth-sucking, as the customs officials made phone calls and searched their computer files. The general consensus was that the requirement for an import permit for puppies under three months without rabies vaccinations had been retained by Sweden.

That meant that, theoretically, Animalcouriers could have been arrested for smuggling, with Darcy and Magic put into paw-cuffs and thrown into a deep dungeon!

Courier M was secretly hoping that Detective Sarah Lund in her trademark sweater would be in charge of the interrogation! But it turned out that Oscar had actually applied for the permit, but had forgotten to give us a copy.

Following a mercy dash by Marianne to the border, the documents were scrutinised and the pups’ microchips read, and then we were on our way.

In all our years of crossing borders, we’ve never met kinder, more helpful customs officials. We all had a good laugh together once the serious business was over.

Paperwork and microchips

Big hugs

Big smiles

Very happy customers enjoy a glass of wine at our hotel

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