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Ares joins his new family

Ares, one of the dogs Animalcouriers transported from Filozoikos shelter in Athens, was collected from Treetops Kennels in Guildford by Nancy and her daughter Kirsty. It was hard to tell who was most excited of the three! Needless to say, Ares is going to be a much loved dog in a wonderful family, with all the magic of the New Forest to explore. All eight dogs who journeyed together on that wintry trans-European odyssey have now been lovingly forever homed.

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From the UK to Denmark direct

Couriers J and M took Labrador pups Darcy and Magic on the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark, en route to their final destination in Sweden. It was an interesting crossing, with winds between force 7 and 9 all night. Courier J checked on the pups three times during the night, then again this morning. She found them sleeping in a little heap, cheek to cheek. Despite the early hour, they were up, alert and ready to play!

Who’s heading north with Animalcouriers?

Animalcouriers biggest van is making the trip north from Portugal and Spain through France. On board we have a mix of lovely cats and dogs who will all soon be reunited with their owners. Nefer the cat has been staying in France with a kind friend of his owners, waiting for the new pet passport rules to come into effect. Now he's off home to join his family. Minx's owner Petra had to return to England a while ago, so Minx has been staying at Amberlodge kennels in Spain. Petra is really excited about being reunited with Minx, who really [...]

Darcy and Magic are off to Sweden

Jilly trains working dogs, and two of her Labrador pups, Darcy and Magic, are off to Sweden to live with Isac, who's also a trainer of working dogs. (Jilly tells us they are fox red/dark yellow labs.) When Animalcouriers arrived, we were greeted by a mass of beautiful Labradors, all bouncing about saying, "Me please, talk to me please!". Courier J tried hard to get a photo but it was all a blur. Until Jilly produced a whistle from her pocket and blew a signal. The dogs sat down immediately and looked at her. "Wish I could do that," said [...]

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