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Luis collects Tiger the ferret

Animalcouriers brought Tiger to the UK a couple of days ago for his Spanish family, and now Luis has come to collect him. Luis reminded us that today is a special day in Spain, the three kings' day — the day when Spaniards exchange presents. "My wife and daughter will have a big surprise, because they're not expecting to see Tiger," he told us. "This will be the perfect present for them!"

Psycho and Nero: from Oman to Australia via the UK

Psycho and Nero are two very handsome Omani street cats who've been given a loving home by Carol. They're in the process of swapping the heat of Oman for the heat of Australia. Unfortunately they have to do a boring six months in the UK getting vaccinated and drowned in paperwork. Today they visited the vet in Sussex to start the process. Courier M, who was tasked with chauffeuring the picturesque pair from their cattery to the vet, reports: “Nero was as good as gold and accepted being vaccinated, examined and donating blood. Psycho was tolerant until he heard the electric [...]

Dog Christmas outfits – getting it in perspective…

It has become a Biddissville doggy Christmas tradition that Jane’s friend Sarah sends the 3 Amigos items for dressing up and Ray takes rather fab pictures and sets them to amusing music, hence the Elvis hound dog video of last year. However this year things did not go to plan. Sarah had a bit of a stressful time running up to Christmas and when it came to choosing the outfits for  2 middle sized dogs and 1 chunky big boy collie, she malfunctioned splendidly and sent tiny Chihuahua outfits instead. Jane and Ray spent quite some time on Christmas morning [...]

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