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Carla the cat is looking for a new home

Conrad, who is heavily involved in rehoming the dogs from Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, has asked us to help rehome Carla the cat. Conrad took her in when her owner died and he would love to keep her but, unfortunately, a couple of his existing cats have other ideas and are making Carla's life rather difficult. So Conrad is looking for a loving new home for her. Carla is around 4 or 5 years old, extremely affectionate and sociable with people (adults and children) and fine with dogs. She has a gentle nature, loves being stroked, is quick to purr, [...]

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Cats, dogs and another ferret cross from Calais

Our second crossing from Calais to the UK includes Ares and Pavlina, the last of the two rescue dogs we brought over from Filozokios Shelter in Athens in December. Also on board are Angela's Actioncats from Amsterdam — Tara, Nuna and Catlin — who we collected in December. In addition, we have Harvey, whom we took to Mallorca last August, plus four other dogs who are all heading for London: Biby, Mikka, Taiga and Beba. And last but not least, Tiger the ferret. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with our good friends from Traveldog. There was lots of [...]

Miguel, Laranjihna and Ping Pong

Animalcouriers have these three lovely cats on board, heading for the UK. Miguel has been waiting to enter the UK since he was rescued by Heather, who had to go on ahead. Laranjihna travelled with us from Athens in December. We brought Ping Pong up from Avignon in the south of France in November.

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