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Joan and Skip’s excellent adventure

Animalcouriers collected these lovely kittens who've been waiting in Amsterdam to travel to the UK under the revised pet passport rules. It's really good that they can be reunited with their owners before their first birthday. This playful pair are treating the journey as one big adventure. They've climbed the sides and hung upside down, all in the quest to find their way out. Exhaused from their endeavours, they eventually fell into a deep sleep.

Pet passport rules have changed — and the exodus to the UK has begun

Pet passport rules changed on 1 January, simplifying the requirements for dogs, cats and ferrets entering the UK. It's only 3 January and we're already hearing that the animal reception centres at UK airports have record-breaking numbers of pets arriving from all over the world. Animalcouriers is also playing its part. We're collecting a total of 18 pets today and tomorrow from continental European locations. Gale force winds mean that Dover is closed, but we're doing our best to get everyone moving.

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