Daisy and Fifi, our two big girls

Daisy is a real sweetie, who leaps and bounds and has so much to give. You need to keep clear of her tail as it's like a whip when she gets going! After a walk she likes to have treats scattered in her travel compartment so that she can rush around and hunt them all out. Courier J has taken to hiding treats under Daisy's bed, but still she finds them all. Fifi is another lovely, affectionate dog, who leans against our legs and wants lots of cuddles. She's strong, fit and healthy, but unused to walking on a lead [...]

Baby is a champion little dog

Baby is the smallest dog on board from Corfu but has the greatest courage and character. Her super waggy tail seems to give away the fact that she knows this journey marks the start of her new life with her rescue family in England. Couriers R and S are looking forward to seeing just what this little bundle of fun will get up to!

Scooby’s jumper would make Sarah Lund jealous

Scooby comes from a Corfu rescue centre run by a lovely Dutchwoman who cares for 40 dogs. Scooby arrived wearing a spiffy scarf teamed with a stripy jumper knitted by one of a crowd of Dutch supporters who regularly send jackets and coats to the rescue centre. Scooby has been rehomed to a family in Hertfordshire. He can get a little travel sick so we'll keep a special eye on him. He's a super character who's very quickly formed a bond with courier R.

Hobo, who will be a hobo no more

Hobo is a very nervous but gentle rescue dog who is off to start a new life far away from the streets of Corfu. He's set sail with Animalcouriers towards England where he'll live with his new family in Cheshire. Because he's so timid we'll be giving him extra TLC on the journey. But everything got off to a good start as he settled quickly into his travel kennel and fell sound asleep before we boarded the ferry!

Couriers R and S have to think on their feet

Courier R left Ancona (Italy) for Igoumenitsa (Greece) last night. But the ferry was over two hours late reaching Igoumenitsa, so he missed the local ferry to Corfu. He kept calm and caught the next ferry, but it arrives at a different port. So courier S, who flew to Corfu last night, is rerouting to meet him at the alternative port. She's rounded up all six canines and their carers and is now at the head of the convoy to their new destination. [googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Corfu,+Greece&aq=0&oq=corfu&sll=44.809122,26.499023&sspn=35.814063,39.858398&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Corfu,+Greece&t=m&z=12&ll=39.619299,19.919585&output=embed&w=425&h=350] Courier R is due in at 4pm. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and they [...]

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