Meet the Actioncats!

Meet the Actioncats!

Angela and her family are moving back to the UK from Amsterdam with the three Actioncats, Tara, Nuna and Catlin.

But the family had to set off slightly before the cats’ passports had become valid. So Animalcouriers collected them from Amsterdam and took them to a cattery in Calais, where they’ll spend a couple of weeks. Then early in January we’ll go and collect them and reunite them with Angela and her family.

Within just a couple of hours of courier M2 collecting them, we had an email from Angela saying she was missing them already! We can understand why — they’re a stunning trio of furry felines.




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  1. Lisa December 20, 2011 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    I love the looks on the first one and last one. They have the “I am not amused” look my cat always used to get.

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