Lucy safely delivered, and sunshine at last

Lucy safely delivered, and sunshine at last

We arrived in Milan late on Wednesday night. When we rang ahead to announce our arrival, we were surprised to find Lucy’s owner in the same traffic queue. So we pulled over at a McDonald’s and handed Lucy straight to her very happy owner who had just flown in from Scotland. Such clever timing Mrs F!

As we left Milan yesterday morning, the clouds cleared, the rain had stopped, and the road was dry. So we suggested to Conrad that he could move his ‘stop rain’ dance to a slow shuffle, as quite obviously it was working.

As our journey towards Greece continues, we get to share in the fun and banter that goes on between the members of the Filozoikos team that shows just what a strong and friendly community they are. The topics covered ranged widely, but very popular themes were painted bodies and Dionysius — the Greek god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy. Make of that what you will!

Boarding the ferry at Ancona under sunny blue skies

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