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Dean avoids a scam with help from Animalcouriers

When Dean contacted us for a transport quote to Gloucester for two puppies he'd been offered from Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, we warned him it might be a scam. Why did we think that? Because Kirkwall is given as the location in a lot of puppy scams we hear about. Having taken what we had to say on board, Dean got back in touch to say: "Thank you for your responses, they helped greatly as did reading your scam warning page. After which it felt like it was a scam. So we decided to carry on looking for a puppy elsewhere [...]

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Safe arrival of the Greek contingent

Apart from Ares and Pavlina who have to wait in Calais until they can cross the Channel in early January, the dogs from Greece have all arrived safely in the UK. Courier M took all six for walks in the woods this morning, and all of them were fascinated by the new sights and smells around them. Even on encountering some local dogs out for their morning constitutionals, our six behaved very well and didn't let the side down. Zoe did bark at a cat however — but it's a cat that's very disdainful of dogs and didn't seem to [...]

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Knowing me, knowing you

We have been talking about the eight dogs and getting to know their little foibles and ways. Courier M says: "Jenny seemed to think the snow was quite fun, running her nose through it and throwing it up in the air. And Phaidon was full of spirit, such an eager beaver." It would be great to see these two off the lead and really enjoying the opportunity to run; but right now we're focused on keeping them secure and delivering them safely to the UK. Zoe is like a little Greek Mama, destined to look after others. She wags her [...]

A veterinary rendez-vous in Lyon

Our friendly vet, Dr Diana James, came to meet us in Lyon with her son Harry, so that Diana could give the dogs and cats a check and do the parasite treatments for all those who'll be entering the UK on this run. (Laranjinha the cat, along with Pavlina and Ares, are staying in Calais until we collect them very early in January.) It was a great excuse for a Christmas meal together. And you can imagine our delight when we pulled back the curtains this morning and could see there was snow! Harry was very keen for the snow to [...]

Meet the Actioncats!

Angela and her family are moving back to the UK from Amsterdam with the three Actioncats, Tara, Nuna and Catlin. But the family had to set off slightly before the cats' passports had become valid. So Animalcouriers collected them from Amsterdam and took them to a cattery in Calais, where they'll spend a couple of weeks. Then early in January we'll go and collect them and reunite them with Angela and her family. Within just a couple of hours of courier M2 collecting them, we had an email from Angela saying she was missing them already! We can understand why [...]

Home alone

Ever caught your dog staring intently at you while you sing along to your own accompaniment on the piano? Ever thought about what might go on in your house while you are out? This could be what the nanny-cam would capture... (With thanks to Jane Biddiss and the Biddissville hounds)

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Putting the Alps behind us

As we drove through the Italian Alps, and now the French Alps, with the Mont Blanc tunnel in between, we found ourselves thinking that our passengers have probably never seen snow before, or experienced below-freezing temperatures. Luckily it's warm and cosy in the van, and they're all tucked up and snoozing as we head towards Lyon.

Pavlina and Ares

Ares is a lovely dog with a very loving personality. He went walking with Pavlina, who's quite a nervous girl but being very brave and managing to have a good sniff around today. Yesterday we had to carry her out of the van, but today she was happy to walk out, giving courier M a reassuring lick as if to assure him she was ok.

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