Buttons is nearing the end of his journey

Buttons is nearing the end of his journey

“Where’s the ferry, what time do we board?” Buttons asks courier J impatiently.

He’s is busy making sure all the arrangements for his crossing are falling into place.

“Did I hear the dockside steward say something about gale force winds?” We don’t think Buttons is likely to be put off by a bit of a breeze!

His owner Lisa says: “Ahh, bless him. I’m dreading this part. I hope it’s not too rough!”

Ready and willing to board, captain!

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  1. Animalcouriers November 26, 2011 at 8:52 am - Reply

    Buttons’ owner, Lisa, has been in touch to let us know how well he’s settled back in:

    “Buttons arrived at Mum and Dad’s at about 12:30am and proceeded to bomb around every room with his tail right upright and ears pricked up! It was very clear how well he had been taken care off while in your hands — he was not stressed or unhappy at all. He already seems happier and is getting settled in very quickly, although he was not keen on heading out for his first lead walk today in the hailstones! The warmth of the Rayburn was much more appealing. He has spent the morning watching the birds and loves being back in the country.”

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