When Mrs Fowler was moving from Berkshire to Cumbria, she had a lot on her plate. Not only moving people and household goods from one place to another, but also deciding on the best way to move her three German Shepherd Dogs and six cats.

So Animalcouriers worked out a plan which involved collecting the dogs and cats from Berkshire ahead of the move, arrange boarding for them, then deliver them to Mrs Fowler once the removers had finished and the new house was ready for them.

Courier R reports that when he went to collect the animals, the ginger cat had decided he didn’t want to move house, thank you very  much, and had decamped to a spot behind a wall unit in the dining room. It took several people over an hour to coax him out!

The cats stayed with Animalcouriers while the dogs boarded at a local partnership kennels. Courier M2 delivered them all to Mrs Fowler yesterday, and the whole family is delighted to be back together again.