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A meeting with Mitzy and Gary at Calais

While Animalcouriers were waiting for the ferry at Calais, we met Mitzy, a sniffer dog, and Gary, her owner and handler. Gary and the other dog handlers at Calais took a look inside our van and were very impressed at how well behaved our passengers were, and commented on how relaxed and friendly they all seemed. Naturally there was an exchange of biscuits and nose tickles. Mitzy and her doggy colleagues had already sniffed out 12 'illegals' that day, and more than 7,000 over the past six months.

Savina is settling in gradually

Savina, another of the rescue dogs Animalcouriers transported with Greece, is staying with Carmel while she waits for her new mum and dad to collect her at the weekend. Carmel tells us that Savina, who is very beautiful, is also quite a nervous dog, but Carmel is certain that she will come round slowly. Savina's new parents, Tricia and Roger, are very gentle people, who will let her take everything at her own pace. [fusion_slideshow]

Panos goes home with his new mum Tyra

Panos is on his way to his new home with his new mum, Tyra. He had a brief sojourn with Carmel, who reports that he was a very well-behaved boy, and she was actually a little bit sorry to see him go. Tyra has clearly fallen in love with Panos all over again and he will doubtless get lots of spoiling. When she came to collect him, Tyra was accompanied by her friend Ruth, and Panos was very loving with both of them. [fusion_slideshow]

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