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Three furry felines get a warm welcome in Cork

These three cats have travelled with Ziggy and the chinchillas all the way from France to Cork. Animalcouriers delivered them late last night to their new home, where new beds, scratching posts and toys were waiting. What lucky cats, but they deserved all of it after their long trip! [fusion_slideshow]

Three Greek cats are on their way to London

Mouri, Pissy and Douglas belong to Christos' daughter, who is off to live in London for a while and taking them with her. Animalcouriers collected them in Thessaloniki, just a few metres from the beach, on a beautiful warm day. We hope they won't find London too chilly! All three are somewhat shy, so we've just said 'hello' in passing.

International co-operation at its best

We have been keeping Conrad in the UK up to date on how the six dogs from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens are doing on their journey. Conrad has also been checking their progress on our blog and told us: "Everything about the way you are doing this is just so heartfelt; we cannot thank you enough. It's an absolute pleasure to be working with you." We in turn are impressed by how gentle all the dogs are, and lively too — all keen on biscuits, attention and walks. The volunteers at the shelter in Athens have done a great [...]

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Missy from Turkey to the UK via Greece

Missy joined the Animalcouriers trip at Napoli. She had a very tearful farewell from Tracey, who is sending Missy home to her dad. Tracy found Missy when she was working in Turkey and contacted us many months ago for help. Once Missy had completed the entry requirements for the EU, she left Turkey for Greece where she spent six months waiting for her European pet passport.

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