Transporting six rescue dogs from Athens to the UK

Transporting six rescue dogs from Athens to the UK

Having delivered Reggie and the goats safely, Animalcouriers is now ready for the return journey to the UK.

Among our passengers on the trip back are six rescue dogs that we collected from the Filozoikos Shelter, located in Nea Filadelphia, a park in Athens. The shelter provides care, accommodation and veterinary attention to dogs found in the streets or brought to the shelter.

The group that runs it is very organised and has developed an excellent rehoming programme. A corresponding group in Surrey, headed by Conrad, promotes the shelter, raises funds for it, and looks for new homes for the rescued dogs. Once a new home is identified, Conrad’s group does a home visit and starts preparing the new owner to receive their dog. A partnership develops and that means that all the dogs travelling with us have excited families waiting for them. Some have even sent new collars for their dogs for the journey!

Animalcouriers thinks the dogs are a real credit to the kind, caring volunteers who’ve worked so hard with them. Teaching dogs to walk on leads, to listen, and to obey commands is a difficult task when all they’ve known is life on the streets.

While collecting the six dogs who are headed for the UK we were introduced to the newest resident, Bernie, who had been pulled from a fire and left. (He’s the one in the big cone-shaped collar.). The shelter is caring for him until he recovers fully, at which point they will be looking for a new home for him, too.


And this is Bernie, the latest resident. He was pulled from a fire. When he has recovered, they'll be looking for a new home for him too.

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