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Two cats and three chipmunks leave Athens for Derbyshire

Cats Matilda and Thomas, and their housemates, three chipmunks, left Athens today. Their owner, Victoria, a languages teacher, has been planning their trip for months. No five pets could have been more perfectly prepared. You can tell the chipmunks are well loved as they have everything a chipmunk could possibly want for the journey — mealworms, hazelnuts and apples. And in case we run out or get stuck, a diet sheet! [fusion_slideshow]

Transporting six rescue dogs from Athens to the UK

Having delivered Reggie and the goats safely, Animalcouriers is now ready for the return journey to the UK. Among our passengers on the trip back are six rescue dogs that we collected from the Filozoikos Shelter, located in Nea Filadelphia, a park in Athens. The shelter provides care, accommodation and veterinary attention to dogs found in the streets or brought to the shelter. The group that runs it is very organised and has developed an excellent rehoming programme. A corresponding group in Surrey, headed by Conrad, promotes the shelter, raises funds for it, and looks for new homes for the [...]

Rendezvous with Sam and Finn at Piraeus port

Alan arrived on the ferry from Rhodes with his dogs Sam and Finn. Animalcouriers met up with them at Piraeus port. Alan described Sam (the Dalmation) as being 'as mad as you like' and added 'he does party tricks'. Sam promptly demonstrated his 'standing on my hind legs and giving Alan a kiss' trick. We were very impressed. Finn the Collie just likes to observe. We actually think he has Sam sussed, and probably realises he gets plenty of attention for himself just by looking cute!

Reggie reunited with Mihdal

Mihdal flew from Istanbul to Athens where she picked up a hire car to come and meet us and collect her Reggie. Nothing could have been better coordinated. As Animalcouriers drove past Marcopolo airport, Mihdal was just leaving it. Like some sort of mini-convoy we pulled into the hotel at 01.45. When Reggie heard Mihdal's voice, he was beside himself with joy and leapt straight into her arms.

Jack arrives safe and sound in Sydney

Golden Retriever Jack travelled from Belfast to England, where he had a brief stopover with Animalcouriers. He then boarded his flight to Sydney where he was reunited with his owner, Tim. The rest of the family will follow on shortly, including Sandra, who tells us: "Jack got there safe and sound and is now in quarantine where he is doing great. I want to say a big thank you to you for all your help and understanding with my many queries — you were fantastic. I will get Tim to take pictures of Jack when he visits him, that can [...]

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