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V Tec and Furbie are heading for the UK

Boxer V Tec is Canadian by birth, and Furbie the Shih Tzu is Irish. Animalcouriers collected this very nosey pair from Digs4Dogs kennels near Dolores in Spain. They're travelling with us to the UK, where they'll be reunited with their owner Charlene, who'll ltake them home to Ireland. Not just a well travelled pair, but well behaved too.

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Resilient Fonzie heads back to Spain

This little sweetie is Fonzie, a real character who is quite a live wire considering he's just had plates put in both his back legs. To stop him licking his scars while they heal, he has to wear an Elizabethan collar plus an inflatable collar. Usually just one of those would do, but not in his case — he somehow manages to get to his scars unless he's wearing both. The collars come off when he eats and drinks. He's on four different types of medication a day, which is quite a challenge as he's not really fooled when they're [...]

Chihuahua Charlie flies to Stockholm

Charlie, a very lively, happy little Chihuahua, is on his way to Stockholm. His owners have spent two years working in London and have decided it's now time to head back to Sweden — and of course Charlie goes too. The jury is out on what Charlie will think of their 15-year-old cat when he encounters her later today. Animalcouriers suspects the cat will turn out to be top dog! [fusion_slideshow]

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Roc and Treacle make the crossing from Calais

Roc from Barcelona and Treacle from Gibralter both had to spend a short time in kennels at Calais, waiting for their pet passports to become valid. They're now ready for the last leg of their journey, so Animalcouriers collected them yesterday to make the crossing to England.  

Chester and Cedric to the UK via Calais airport

Cedric and Chester have been on holiday to Mallorca with their family. Because they're returning by private plane to London, there was a bit of a debate about how to bring the two dogs back into the UK. All PETS (pet passport scheme) routes into London use Gatwick and Heathrow airports, but the family couldn't fly into either of those. So the family diverted to Calais airport, where they met up with courier J. That way the family can fly into the London airport of their choice, while Chester and Cedric enter the UK legally, travelling sedately via Eurotunnel. [...]

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