The Portuguese Protector

The Portuguese Protector

Dear Aunty Mary, Uncle Olof and Godmother Julia

How is your big travelling adventure going?
Where are you at the moment?
We all hope you are having a great time

Well, it’s been ages since I last wrote but life is so busy for me now in the Biddiss household. Obviously I have been keeping a rather low profile since the makeup brush pilfering incident. My Mum says I am now a well behaved angel and she and I cuddle, a lot!!

Life is full of walking, eating, cuddling my Mum, playing racey chasey with my collie sister and snuggling in my big comfortable bed. When the sun shines I have trained my Mum & Dad to carry my bed into the garden and place it in the sunniest spot – some dogs say that humans can’t be trained but I’ve found mine to be very quick to learn.

My Mum was particularly proud of me 2 weeks ago. We had been on holiday – another mad yomping adventure, we went onto The Cleveland Way on the east coast and had such a fab time. However it was extremely hot and sunny and one day we did over 10 miles. My Mum & Dad really took extra care of my brother Oswald who, as you know is epileptic, and despite their best efforts we think the 10 mile yomp in the heat was too much for him as he had a small epileptic fit in the night. My Mum & Dad did not hear so I went into their room and I woke my Mum up and told her that my brother wasn’t well and they got up and gave him his emergency medication and stopped him clustering. Mum was very proud of me. I never normally bother her in the night so she knew something must be wrong – how clever I am then??

I feel that I have moved on from pilfering to protection – I now wish to be addressed as the Madeiran Medico -assistance Mutt.

Licks & woofs

Canico (just call me the Portuguese Protector)

Here’s footage of the three of us enjoying the sea…

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