Geezer and Veto

Geezer and Veto

Getaway Geezer, as he is now known, and his housemate Veto, have gone to spend a short holiday with Julie and Barry near Carcassonne.

Someone must have told Geezer we were on our way, as when we arrived to collect him, he was nowhere to be found.

Animalcouriers, family members and even the gardener walked around calling, “Geezer, good boy, Geezer!” But to no avail.

Following a short cat conference, a neighbour was enlisted to keep an eye out, and another helpful person arranged for a nearby cattery to take him in until we could come back.

Of course, 15 minutes after we left, in strolled Geezer, calmly looking for his tea and wondering what all the fuss was about.

So Animalcouriers took a break, while Geezer was carefully tucked into a carrybox and whisked down the motorway to rejoin us and Veto.

Casing the joint for a way out?


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