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Genie reaches Kuala Lumpur

Yellow Lab Genie spent a month in kennels at Freer Farm while her owners went on ahead to their home in Ipoh to get everything ready for her arrival. The people at Freer Farm made sure she felt at home. Genie eventually decided that joining in all the fun and games was a good way to pass the day. In fact she ran around so much that she even lost a few pounds in weight! She landed safely and stress-free in Kuala Lumpur on a flight with Lufthansa, and was thrilled to see her owners again. Then it was a [...]

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Geezer and Veto

Getaway Geezer, as he is now known, and his housemate Veto, have gone to spend a short holiday with Julie and Barry near Carcassonne. Someone must have told Geezer we were on our way, as when we arrived to collect him, he was nowhere to be found. Animalcouriers, family members and even the gardener walked around calling, "Geezer, good boy, Geezer!" But to no avail. Following a short cat conference, a neighbour was enlisted to keep an eye out, and another helpful person arranged for a nearby cattery to take him in until we could come back. Of course, 15 [...]

Chico and Lola

Cats Chico and Lola are travelling with Animalcouriers from Portugal's Algarve to South Wales. Their owner, Nicola, had to go back to the UK ahead of them. So Chico and Lola stayed on in the sun for another five months with Nicola's friend Sue and her family, waiting for their pet passports to become valid. Animalcouriers were about to start their journey when Lola went missing. You can imagine how devastated both Sue and Nicola felt. Sue frantically searched the neighbourhood, asking if anyone had seen Lola. She even asked a holidaying German family renting a nearby house if they'd [...]

Spike, Loofy, Kelly and Maxi

This family of pets is travelling with Animalcouriers from the rural haven of Silves in Portugal to the wild and romantic island of Anglesey in Wales. (Wonder if they'll meet Wills and Kate?) Spike is a small black cat. Loofy is a not-so-small black cat who loves eating. We've been told that the third cat, Kelly is a bit of a Houdini. Rounding off the quartet is Maxi the dog. His lineage is a bit of a mystery but he definitely inherited the 'nice' gene somewhere along the way. His owner Sally was a bit worried about him co-operating, but [...]


Indie is a lovable Dogue de Bordeaux who's been living with Alan and his wife in Isla Christina on the Spanish/Portuguese border. The scene in the photo is tinged with sadness, however, as Indie is leaving to live with Alan's sister Susan in Shropshire. Alan and his wife will miss her greatly, but Susan is very excited about Indie's arrival. We're sure that wherever Indie goes, she'll make lots of friends. She's already bonded with courier J2, as she lies on her back and insists on tummy rubs.

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