Five goats to Europe

Five goats to Europe

Animalcouriers is transporting five lovely goats to the Netherlands and Germany.

Mainland European goat enthusiasts seem to like the quality of goat that British rearing methods produce. So there’s always demand for them. And now that the Blue Tongue restrictions have been lifted, exports from the UK are once again permitted.

These goats are from two separate breeders, in Cambridge and Guildford. They have strong lineage and over the years we’ve moved some of the billies who’ve sired them, so we feel almost part of the family.

When we got to Amsterdam yesterday evening, the Guildford two were quite happy to guzzle and munch hay. Lady Hurstpierpoint totally refused her bottle despite our pleading, begging and promising her a retail experience in Amsterdam. She chose instead to tuck into hay and water.
The Cambridge contingent appreciated the hay, ate nuts and drank water.

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