Letters from King Louis: part 2

Letters from King Louis: part 2

Louis seems to be settling in really well in his new home. He’s been enjoying plenty of cuddles with Sam, chill-out time with Neil, and walks up hills, through country parks and in the forest.

On one of his walks he met a new friend, called Ralph. Louis tells us: “We had lots of fun chasing each other like mad, and I ran so fast that I fell over at one point. After our walk we went to a pub. Ralph and I nibbled each other’s ears and barked at loud things. I saw a big bus and a rubbish truck. Then Sam shared her burger and chips with me. Luckily I had time to have a quick nap in the car on the way home as I was very tired.”

Louis is also getting used to walking around town — and sitting outside cafes. “There was lots for me to look at outside the cafe — birds, prams and other dogs. Lots of people stopped to talk and tell me how gorgeous I am, which I thoroughly enjoyed,” he says.

He’s also enjoying plenty of yummy treats. There’s the café in the country park with free dog biscuits. The picnics and pub lunches where the girls feed him little treats from their meals. And his very own bowl of Sunday roast lunch!

Louis' friend Ralph

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