Daily Archives: July 11, 2011


Ellie is home boarding with Animalcouriers. Lyn, who's looking after her, says she's "just gorgeous." Eillie is having lots of fun with Lyn's Cockerpoo, Poppy. They spend huge amounts of time rushing here, charging there — playing for hours until one or other of them collapses in a heap of exhausted fur. When Ellie leaves for Dubai next weekend, Poppy is sure to miss her.


Jojo is following her family to New Zealand, once she fulfils the health requirements for entering the country. This involves a wait of about six months. So during that time, Jojo is staying in a home boarding environment with four housemates. Her daily routine is sleep, play, sleep, play, eat... Home boarding means there are no kennels, just a lovely big garden with other dogs for company. And of course, a house mum who looks after them all and makes sure they're happy during their stay. Home boarding isn't right for every dog — some dogs simply aren't sociable enough [...]

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