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Le Tour de France avec l’équipe Animalcouriers

Animalcouriers was pleased to see dog-lover Cadel Evans become the first Australian winner of the Tour de France. But we were sad to hear that Manxman Mark Cavendish's Golden Retriever, Amber, died the day before Mark took his first stage victory, en route to his (and Britain's) maiden victory in the green jersey competition. Our canine passengers enjoyed their very own view of the thrills of cycling on their walk this morning.

The Portuguese Protector

Dear Aunty Mary, Uncle Olof and Godmother Julia How is your big travelling adventure going? Where are you at the moment? We all hope you are having a great time Well, it’s been ages since I last wrote but life is so busy for me now in the Biddiss household. Obviously I have been keeping a rather low profile since the makeup brush pilfering incident. My Mum says I am now a well behaved angel and she and I cuddle, a lot!! Life is full of walking, eating, cuddling my Mum, playing racey chasey with my collie sister and snuggling [...]

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Pepper and Herbie

When the Radley family decided to move back to the UK they looked around for a way to get their very much loved family guinea pig and rabbit back too. We were very pleased to be able to fit them into this trip. The whole family turned out to say Goodbye!  Safely loaded with fresh greens, dried food, water and fresh hay they did look very comfortable indeed.

Spike, Loofy, Kelly and Maxi

This family of pets is travelling with Animalcouriers from the rural haven of Silves in Portugal to the wild and romantic island of Anglesey in Wales. (Wonder if they'll meet Wills and Kate?) Spike is a small black cat. Loofy is a not-so-small black cat who loves eating. We've been told that the third cat, Kelly is a bit of a Houdini. Rounding off the quartet is Maxi the dog. His lineage is a bit of a mystery but he definitely inherited the 'nice' gene somewhere along the way. His owner Sally was a bit worried about him co-operating, but [...]

Katy, Sophie and Peanut

Katy the Dachshund and Sophie the Yorkie are on their way to the Perpignan area of France, together with their housemate, an African Grey called Peanut. Katy, the more forward of the two dogs, told us this morning that she and Sophie had both slept well. Sophie just rushed about sniffing the grass. We reckon Peanut must be ok too because he looked hard into courier P's eyes, stood on one leg, put his head on one side and said, "Love you."


Alfie is off to spend his summer holidays in Denmark with his family. Animalcouriers collected him from his London home yesterday. He spent last night with couriers J and R, and will fly out today. Like all visitors to J's office, he enjoyed trying out the chair. He then spent some time sharing his thoughts on life with J while she was working.